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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Drop Hitches

How long of a drop hitch are people generally using on their Hummer? I am in DIRE need of one and dunno what length.

I have a 6.5 inch drop, and I will be buying a 8 inch drop to use with a tow dolly I am planning to buy.

HOWEVER, DON'T buy a drop based on what anyone else has, unless you are going to tow the same trailer. Here is what you do: level the trailer on level ground. Measure the ball height needed.

I know you measure to the bottom of the ball, but I forget right off hand where you measure the receiver, but a good trailer place can help you here.

Measure your hitch height and buy the drop you need to tow the trailer level. That is why I will need two, one for one trailer and one for another. I have pulled a rental tow dolly with my present setup and it was not pretty!

4dr HT

I am using an adjustable one. Depending on what I am towing, it adjusts to many different heights.

The local hitch place should have them. I think I paid $350.00?

Try, they were very helpful ...

John Peszek

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