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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Accessories/Snorkels/Cheap Do-It-Yourself Snorkel:

Hydrolock is no fun, and only a few will actually get deep enough in it to happen but you never know. Extending the snorkel say 2-4 inches, may be all one needs to raise the hat out of the recess area, away form the hood and avoid this from happening: a temporary wake of water, a momentary right, front, corner nose dive, keep snow from around the intake, and may improve air flow [my marinized gas engine runs very rich+my favorite--that sulfer smell (have not had it for a while)]. It also accenuates a unique feature of the Hummer (the Central Ventilation System).

I found a 4 inch to 4 inch heavy rubber coupler, which extends the height of the hat 4 inches, complete with 2 hose clamps at my local Home Depot for $8. It alooksa gooood also. ms

I seem to remember having seen mention of a "PVC Snorkel", if my memory is right, Is this something that you make from PVC pipe?

Yes... you need a 4" PVC pipe at the length you want (example one foot or 1.5'), silicon, and one connector end. A can of black non-gloss spray paint if you want a nicer looking finish.

Sand down the outside of the PCV pipe to remove all scratchs and dings.

Sand lightly the pipe where the long section will be siliconed to the joiner pipe. Apply the silicon sealer to each part and place them together.

With a rubber mallet, bash the two suckers together to make a good joint.

Let dry 12-24 hours depending on the instructions with your silicon.

Give the joint area another light sanding to remove the silicon that squished out. Next you would want to paint the thing, and let dry.

With a screwdriver remove the air cleaner cover. Apply a very light coat of Silicon to the intake tube. Very light coat if you ever want to remove it. Heavy coat if you don't ever think you will want to remove it. (I don't think you need more then a light coat at all)

Press the PCV pipe extension on your intake breather pipe, and rock back and forth. It should drop down at least one inch or more.

Place air cleaner cover on top of your new snorkel, and tighten the screw.

You're done... and remember the snorkel will not protect ANY THING but your air intake. You should not try to go deeper then the MFG suggested depth.

The snorkel is good to protect you from the bow waves that go over the hood.

A bad bow wave will swamp your engine and could cost you major bucks.. I think someone paid $45,000 to recover from a sunk Hummer.

U-Boat Commander

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