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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Cruise Control:

I had problems with the cruise control on our '96 wagon initially. It would turn itself on and off at random. Actually, you can replace the word "random" with the phrase "at the worst possible moment". The dealer was able to improve the situation quite a bit, but it never really went away completely.


  • After driving on the highway for a while with the cruise turned to "On", but not activated, when I let off the accelerator, the truck would maintain whatever speed I was going, sometimes a bit less. The cruise had activated itself on it's own. Using the brake turned the cruise off again and things worked normally for a while.

  • With the cruise on and active on the interstate (which is the only place I use cruise anyway), the cruise would suddenly turn itself off. Usually right after I passed someone and had JUST merged back in front of him...sigh.

When AMG heard I had a problem (they read it on the HML), they called and told me about a new cruise/turn signal control arm that had less sensitive switches. I took it to the shop, they put one on (free), problem went away. I assume that bumps in the road would cause the switches to make and/or break contact momentarily.


I was on the freeway yesterday and felt like using the cruise control but as i switched it over to "on" and set the speed it accelerated for a split second but did not continue to hold.

When this happened on my truck it was the brake light switch that needed adjusting. There are 2 contacts in the switch. one for the brake lights and one for the PCM for TCC lockup and cruise. Try pulling up on the brake pedal with your foot while using the cruise and see if it works. If it does, just drop the lower panel and it's pretty obvious how to adjust it. It's a pretty basic design with "detents" that you can change to adjust when the switch is activated. Fixed mine and it's been working for years now. Also, a scanner will tell you which switches are intermittent because you can see on the screen what they are doing or not doing properly.


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