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At 01:45 PM 1/10/97 EDT, Joel wrote:
>          I had read and was under the impression that modifying a 
>     radio that was designed to transmit on a specific frequency was 
>     illegal.  If you have a cb designed for channel 19 only and you 
>     tweak the internals to transmit ch. 20.  Isn't that a violation 
>     of some FCC code? 

Basically, to 'tweak' any radio to perform beyond it's FCC type acceptance specifications is 'illegal'.....yet, so is speeding, jaywalking and spitting on the sidewalk in some areas. It's a personal call......I don't advocate anyone doing anything illegal due to the possible liability of doing so.

>     If not, I have quite a few old CBs around that 
>     are 25ch. and I can expand the range and even throw other freqs 
>     in.  Who do I call for more info on this?  Are there any gurus 
>     out there?

The radios you mention are probably the older 23 channel CBs...and essentially, without meaning to be insulting, they are paperweights now. New, modern 40 channel CBs are readily available at such places as Wal-Mart for less than $45.00. The Uniden Pro-510's and 520's come to mind.....small, simple, good looking, easy to install, and functional.

Rick Crider KD4FXA
Monroe NC
95 diesel wagon

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