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The Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base
(formerly the Hummer Info Database)
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H1 Categories:

  • Accessories - Brushguards, Communications, Fuel Carriers, GPS, Hood Scoops, Hitches, Snorkels, Trailers, Winches, etc.

  • Brakes - ABS/TT4, Fluid, Lines, Calipers, Pads, Cylinders, Parking Brake, etc.

  • Driving/Operating/Care - BTM, Fording, Insurance, Safety, Towing, Recovery, etc.

  • Electrical - Alternator, Batteries, Fuse Charts, Gauges, Grounding, Lights, Starter, Wipers, Wiring, etc.

  • Engine - Air Intake, Cooling System, Cylinder Heads, Diesel Engines, Gas Engines, Exhaust, Fan, Oil/Lubrication, Starting Problems, Turbocharger, etc.

  • Exterior - Body, Lifts, Bumpers, Driveline Protection, Frame, Mirrors, Paint, Rocker Panels, Tops, etc.

  • Fuel/Fuel Systems - Alternative Fuels, Diesel Fuel, Caps, Filters, Pumps, Tanks, PMD/FSD, Throttle, etc.

  • General (including History) - 4WD/AWD, Brochures, Designations, Descriptions, History, Shopping for a Used Hummer, Specs, VINs, Year-By-Year Differences, etc.

  • Interior - Air Conditioning, Lighting, Doors, Glass/Windows, Heater, Instruments, Seats, Shifter, etc.

  • Parts/Tools/Service/Maintenance - Codes, Diagnostics, Maintanence, Manuals, Part Numbers and Cross-Reference, Service, Tools, Torque Settings, etc.

  • Running Gear / Drivetrain / Driveline - Differentials, Halfshafts, Transfer Case, Transmission, Output Shafts, etc.

  • Suspension/Steering - Alignment, Ball Joints, Idler & Pitman, Lube Points, Shocks, Steering, Springs, Tie Rods, etc.

  • Tires/Wheels/Hubs - Balancing, Beadlock, CTIS, Geared Hubs, Runflats, Tires, Rims, etc.

  • The Hummer Knowledge Base is a collection of informative posts from the Hummer Network forums and mailing lists, contributed material and links to outside web sites.
    The Hummer Network is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained herein or on outside web sites, nor for any situation arising from the use thereof.
    Copyright by The Hummer Network. No material from the Hummer Knowledge Base may be reprinted or republished in any form without permission.

    Another source of technical articles for Hummer H1 is Flash Offroad